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How is my tariff calculated?

Like all utilities, you pay an energy consumption charge and a daily standing charge, known together as your tariff. Your current tariff is shown underneath your consumption graphs along with any previous tariffs associated with your account. You may find a tariff breakdown specific to your scheme on your development page. If there isn’t one available, you can request one if needed.  

What does p/kWh mean and how is it calculated?

This is the amount you are charged per kilowatt hour (kWh) of energy used. The price is calculated by your heat provider based on supply costs and building efficiency. Tariffs are commonly reviewed every 6-12 months and we will notify you of any changes before they are applied. 

What is a daily standing charge and how is it calculated?

Your daily standing charge is set by your heat provider and covers the yearly costs associated with delivering heat to your property. This is broken down into a daily amount deducted from your account every day around midnight. 

I’m unhappy with my tariff. What can I do?

Your heat provider pays the cost of delivering energy to all connected properties. They have instructed Insite Energy to act as your metering & billing agent to recover the costs of supplying energy to individual residences, including yours. The money you pay contributes toward the overall energy costs. Your heat provider is not allowed to make a profit on your tariff.  

Your tariff is typically reviewed every 6-12 months and you will be informed at least 31 days before any change of tariff is applied. Unfortunately, we are unable to change your tariff unless instructed to do so by your heat provider. 

To find out what Insite Energy do you for, see our 'About us’ page. 

Is what I am consuming normal?

To give you an idea of how much energy you should be consuming based on the size of your property, we've pulled together the below averages (data also presented in a table below). 

This data is base don an industry standard for energy use within residential dwellings and should only be used as an indicator. Your usage may differ based on the time of year, your building (size, fabric and components installed) and usage habits (how many people live in your home, how often you shower, the temperature of your rooms, etc.). The daily usage bracket has been calculated using estimate consumption from June (lowest consumption) to January (highest consumption). 

Nr. of bedrooms

Typical area (m2)

Nr. Of occupants

Average daily usage (kWh)

Avg. consumption / annum (kWh)


Spring / Autumn


1 bed / studio







2 beds







3 beds







4 beds







My consumption looks too high. What do I do?

If you think you’re paying too much for your energy usage, please consider the following potential factors which may have resulted in an increase in your usage: 

  1. There has been a recent change in the weather, 

  1. You’ve recently had visitors to stay, 

  1. Your personal circumstances have changed, 

  1. Your tariff has recently been revised. 

If you still feel your meter isn’t correctly recording your consumption, please get in touch. 

Where can I get advice on how to reduce my energy costs?

We all love saving money on our bills. We’ve put together some handy tips here to help try and you save money on your heating & hot water.

If you are still concerned that your heating & hot water consumption is too high, our Consumption page provides you with the average heating & hot water consumption for households on a heat network, and a few next steps to help you review your energy usage.

You can also visit Energy Saving Trust and Citizens Advice for independent advice on how to reduce your energy spend.

What VAT am I charged?

If your heat provider is VAT registered, 5% VAT will be included in your tariff. 

How are the ‘Estimated X days left’ on my Balance screen calculated?

When your account is in a credit of at least £5 above your cut-off limit, you will see ‘Estimated X days left’ text appear underneath your current balance. This is to give you an idea of how long your credit will last you until you need to top-up again.   

This is based on an average of your consumption and daily standing charge over the last 7 days. The accuracy of this estimate will be determined by how much your usage habits change week on week. 

Why is there a small amount of consumption on my heat & hot water account when I’m not using anything?

Your Heat Interface Unit (HIU) uses a constant small trickle of hot water to keep it ready for instantaneous delivery of hot water. Without this function, hot water delivery time would be significantly delayed. The HIU is fully insulated to minimise any heat loss and ensure it is as energy efficient as possible. 

The movement of water and heat on the network side of your HIU also ensures the system is circulating clean water to avoid any issues with system degradation. If a system doesn’t have this circulation, water quality can degrade, reducing the performance of the system. Repair works may then be required to drain the system which will have a large cost and environmental impact. 

Should you still have a concern about your energy usage please get in touch. 

Where can I find my heat meter and how do you read it?

Your heat meter can be found either inside or near your Heating Interface Unit (HIU) which is normally found in the utility cupboard in your home. 

We collect your meter reads remotely every hour through an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system. This means you don’t need to provide us with manual meter reads and you are always charged for what you use.  

My consumption graphs don’t seem to match my energy usage. What do I do?

We aim to read your meter every hour. However, sometimes we may not be able to remotely communicate with your meter. Once we can read your meter again, consumption data should reappear. When it does, we will calculate how much you’ve consumed since your last meter read and average this consumption over the number of days the meter was out of communication. When this happens, you will see an averaged consumption over those affected days like the example graph below. 

Graphical user interface, chart, application

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This average will give you a better idea of your daily usage. This means your energy usage may not be accurately portrayed on the days’ communication was lost but they will correctly add up to your total consumption and cost over that time. The total cost of this consumption will be deducted from your account balance in one go.

Why is there a small amount of consumption on my cooling account when I’m not using anything?

To keep your cooling system healthy and operational there may be a periodic flushing cycle. This flushing cycle ensures the system is circulating clean water to avoid any issues with system degradation. If a system doesn’t have this circulation, water quality can degrade, reducing the performance of the system. Repair works may then be required to drain the system which will have a large cost and environmental impact. 

This energy usage should be very minimal. Should you have a concern about your energy usage please get in touch and we will investigate further. 

What is a heat network?

Your home is connected to a heat network. A Heat network, also known as a communal or district heating system, provides heating and hot water to properties within a building from a central source – such as a biomass boiler in a plant room.  

Your heat provider or building owner manages the energy supply to this plant room – such as gas. The heat generated from the plant room is then supplied to multiple homes in your building through a network of insulated pipes. This means there’s no need to have individual boilers in each home. Having a single energy centre supplying multiple dwellings allows for newer and greener technology to be used to produce your heat and hot water. 

Instead of having a boiler, each home is fitted with a Heat Interface Unit (HIU). This HIU transfers the heat from the building’s pipe network into your home. You then have full control of your energy usage through your programmer, room thermostats and/or radiator valves. If you also have a cooling system in your home, you will also have a Cooling Interface Unit (CIU).  

Visit our 'What is a heat network’ page for more information. 

Who are Insite Energy?

Insite Energy are a national heat network metering & billing agent who have been appointed by your heat provider. We do not supply the energy to your property but are however, responsible for: 

  • Collecting your meter reads and charging you based on your actual consumption 

  • Offering you a range of top-up methods and processing your top-ups 

  • Providing customer support about metering, billing, or top-up queries 

  • Processing changes of tenancies 

  • Supplying account set-up information including welcome e-brochures to all new residents 

  • Helping your heat provider calculate the total cost of providing energy to all connected properties across their heat network, so the operational costs can be recovered through your tariff without making a profit, 

  • Issuing annual account statements. 

Visit our ''About us’ page to learn more about what we do and don’t do. 

I have a problem with my energy supply. What do I do?

Before getting in touch with us, please check that: 

  • Your heating/cooling controls (e.g., thermostat, programmer, thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs)) are set correctly, 

  • Your energy meter and HIU are on and undamaged, 

  • Your KURVE account balance is above your cut-off limit. If you’ve recently made a top-up, please allow up to one (1) hour for this to be applied to your account, 

  • You have electricity to your property. 

If the answer to all the above is ‘yes’ and you still have no energy supply, please contact our helpdesk by searching for your postcode on the 'My development' page.  

Please note, Insite Energy are not responsible for your energy supply, nor do we maintain the heating system at your development or in your property. Unfortunately, as a result and unless contracted, Insite Energy are unable to help you with the maintenance of the heating system within your property. For queries relating to your electricity and water supply, please contact your relevant suppliers. 

How can I reduce my energy consumption?

You may be able to reduce your heating and hot water consumption by making small changes in your home. See our 'How to reduce your energy bills’ page for tips on how you could save energy. 

How can I get support outside of your opening hours?

Our helpdesk is open Monday-Friday 9:00am-8:30pm (excluding Bank Holidays) and on Saturdays 9:00am-5:30pm. Outside of these hours you can drop us an email at and we’ll respond back to you as soon as we can.  

All top-up methods are available for use outside of these opening hours. 

If you have an urgent supply issue, please contact your heat supplier, concierge or internal maintenance team. You can find the contact number for your heat supplier at 'My Development’

I'm moving out. What do I do?

Please notify us at the earliest opportunity if you are moving out of your property, providing us with the following information as a minimum: 

  • Move-out date, 

  • Forwarding contact details and address. 

You can submit this information through our move-out form. 

Where can I find my welcome e-brochure?

You can find your scheme-specific welcome e-brochure on the 'My development' page by typing in your scheme name. Here, you’ll also find more FAQs, your heat provider contact details, and much more. 

How do I remove or change my saved payment cards?

You can manage all payment cards saved against your account by going to ‘Payment Details’ within ‘Settings’. Any cards you store on your account will be ready to use to top-up all your KURVE utility accounts. 

How does Emergency Credit work?

If you run out of credit, you can use your Emergency Credit allowance to keep your energy on for a little while longer until you are able to top-up. The amount of Emergency Credit used will need to be paid back in full the next time you top-up. Emergency Credit can only be activated when your meter is at or below your cut-off limit, which is normally set to £0.00, and should only be used when needed. Please note, as we collect meter reads from your heat meter every hour, you may use a few pence more than your Emergency Credit limit. 

How can I top-up?

You can make a top-up through any of the following options available 24/7/365: 

  • Online using a stored bank card via the KURVE web-app;

  • Automatic top-ups set-up via the KURVE web-app;

  • Over the phone using a bank card via our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service;

  • At any PayPoint outlet nationwide using your 19-digit payment number and barcode. This can be found under 'Payment Details' within app 'Settings'.

How do I set up an automatic top-up?

Automatic top-ups are a great stress-free pay-as-you-go alternative to Direct Debits to always keep your account in credit. You can arrange for your account to take payments whenever your credit balance falls below a certain level. You can select your balance level trigger (e.g., £10.00) and top-up amount (e.g., £20.00). For example, this means that whenever your account hits £10, £20 will automatically be added to your account. To set up, please go into ‘Payment Details’ under ‘Settings’. 

I can’t top-up online, how can I top up over the phone?

If you cannot access your online KURVE account, you still have the option to pay over the phone using our ‘Interactive Voice Response’ service. This automated payment line is available 24/7/365.  

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To make a top-up over the phone, please call your dedicated scheme phone number and press “1”. You will need your 19-digit payment number and card details to hand. You will find your 19-digit payment number within ‘Settings’ in KURVE or in your original welcome email.  

You can find the dedicated customer support number for your building by searching for your address or postcode on the 'My development' page. 

I’ve topped up, but my supply is still disconnected. What do I do?

Before contacting our helpdesk, please check: 

  • If you are still below your cut-off limit, meaning you’ll need to top-up more for your supply to be reconnected, 

  • If you have just made a top-up, please allow up to one (1) hour for this to be applied to your account. 

If you made the top-up a few hours ago, please get in touch. 

I’ve made a top-up, but it isn’t showing on my account. What do I do?

If you received an email receipt after topping up but it still isn’t showing on your account after one (1) hour, please get in touch with our helpdesk. 

Where can I find my payment history?

You can view all payments made to your account from your payment history found under ‘Payment Details’ within ‘Settings’. 

How can someone else top-up my account for me?

If you want someone who doesn’t have access to your account to make a top-up, they can do this either over the phone using our IVR system, or over the counter at any PayPoint Outlet. For both of these options all they will need is the 19-digit payment number and barcode for your utility account. 

What is a debt recovery rate?

If you have any debt on your account, this will be put in your ‘Debt balance’ with a debt recovery rate percentage applied, as determined by your heat provider. For example, if set to 25%, this means that whenever you make a top up (e.g., £10.00), 75% will go onto your Account Balance (£7.50) and the remaining 25% will go towards paying off your Debt balance (£2.50). If you wish to pay off your Debt balance in full, please give us a call. 

I’ve only recently opened my account, why do I already have a debt balance?

There are two main reasons why your KURVE account might have been opened with a debt balance: 

  1. We may have been notified of your move in late; meaning you will not yet have been billed for any energy consumed and daily standing charges over this initial period. As such, on opening your account, your accrued balance will have been calculated and set against a debt balance with a debt recovery rate in place (as agreed by your heat provider). 

  1. If you previously received monthly bills and have recently been switched to a KURVE (pay-as-you-go) account, any monies outstanding would have been transferred to your new KURVE account and applied to your debt balance with a debt recovery rate.  

The use of a debt balance and recovery rate allows you immediate access to your energy supply, whilst gradually paying off your aged debt as you make payments.  

If you wish to pay off your debt balance in full, please give us a call. You can find your scheme specific phone number on the 'My development' page. 

I can’t afford to top-up my account, what did I do?

If you're having difficulty topping up your account, please contact us as soon as possible and we can advise you of the options available to you.

Why am I having issues topping up whilst abroad? (PAYG only)

We have recently been made aware that PayPoint, our selected payment service provider, can no longer able to accept payments made from a select number of countries due to an increased number of cyber-attacks attempted from these areas.

This means that you now will be unable to make a payment to your KURVE account when located in any of the following countries:

Bahamas Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina Cambodia China
Ecuador Egypt Estonia India Isle of Man
Iran Iraq Japan Kuwait Mauritius
Mexico North Korea Pakistan Singapore South Korea
Taiwan Turkey UAE Ukraine Vietnam

As a result, we recommend that you top-up your account or set up an automatic top-up before travelling to any of these countries. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

Do you accept foreign bank cards? (PAYG only)

Unfortunately, our selected payment service provider, PayPoint, can only accept UK registered bank cards.

We also do not accept American Express (AmEx), but accept payments from all other major card providers.

My auto top-up set-up has disappeared – what’s happened?

When you set-up a auto top-up, we will check once a day around 10pm to see whether an automatic top-up needs to be taken for your account.  

Your recurring payment will be attempted 5 times over the course of 3 days. If payment cannot be taken after all 5 attempts, your recurring payment schedule will be cancelled. As a result, you may receive an email balance notification if your credit has fallen below £5.  

To avoid falling below your cut-off limit and being disconnected, you will need to either make a single payment or set-up a new recurring payment schedule. If you want to find out what caused the issue, please get in touch. 

What if I am unable to register a KURVE account?

When you first move into your new home, you will be sent a welcome email with an activation link. 

This activation link is only active for 14 days, so we would recommend setting up your account as soon as you receive it. If you fail to activate your account before any starting credit runs out your energy supply may be disconnected. 

Please note: 

  • Only one account can be set up per property so if a member of your household has already set-up an account on KURVE, you won’t be able to set up another.
  • If you have moved out of your property, your account with us will no longer be active.
  • If your billing is on hold as per client request, you may temporarily be blocked from accessing your account.

If you have not received this email, failed to activate your account within 14 days of receiving the email, or are unable to register your account on KURVE, please get in touch with us to help.

Can I download KURVE as an app on my phone?

KURVE has been developed as a web-app. This means that you can access your account via any web-browser on any internet connected device e.g., your phone, laptop, tablet, without needing to download an app.  

KURVE was developed this way to make it as affordable and accessible to everyone regardless of what internet-connected device you are using, and to allow us to easily make software updates without any disruption to you.  


Description automatically generated 

If you wish to have KURVE saved as an icon on your phone homescreen, please follow our "How can I save KURVE as an icon on my device" instructions. 

How can I save KURVE as an icon on my mobile?

Depending on whether you have an Apple (IOS) or Android device, you can save KURVE as an app icon on your phone by following the relevant instructions below:

For Apple/IOS devices: 

  1. Type into Safari and tap the share arrow. 

  1. This will open a menu. Click on the 'Add to homescreen’ button. 

  1. Follow the instructions on the screen and click 'Add'. 

  1. An app icon for should now appear on your phone homescreen. 

For Android devices: 

  1. Type into Google and tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner 

  1. This will open a menu. Click on the 'Add to Homescreen' or ‘Install’ option 

  1. Follow the instructions and click 'Add'. 

  1. An app icon for should now appear on your phone homescreen. 

 Please note your device or operating system may differ from these instructions - please search for specific advice for your device if the above instructions do not work. 

I want someone else to manage my account for me. What do I do?

You may wish to nominate someone, such as your carer, a relative or a friend to manage your KURVE account for you. To help us verify your request, please give us a call. We will then be able to give full account access to your nominated person.  

Your account and payment details will not be shared with anyone unless you explicitly ask us to do so.

Why should I set up two-factor authentication (2FA)?

There are new cyber security mechanisms coming into place for cloud-based services to reduce the risk of identity fraud and cyber hacking. One of these is the implementation of two-factor authentication. This means that instead of just entering your username and password, you also provide a second means of authentication to prove it is you trying to access your account. This is to make it more difficult for someone else to gain access to your personal information.

To enhance your security, we have implemented the option to set-up two-factor authentication in the KURVE web-app.This is currently optional but may become mandatory in future.

You can choose to set this up at any time by going into Settings > Preferences.

If you have forgotten your 2FA or need to remove it at any point, please get in touch with us.

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