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Annual account statement

Why isn’t my annual account statement issued for the calendar year?

Your statement will be generated on the 12-month anniversary of your move-in date, or the date at which Insite Energy set up your utility account for metering & billing. This means that if you moved in on 21st July 2022, you would receive your first annual account statement for the period of 21st July 2022 to 21st July 2023.  

The approach to issue an annual statement on the anniversary of account creation is standard practice across the energy supply market. 

Your statement might be issued a few days on either side of your anniversary date if there were any data errors in the initial attempt, or to match your billed periods.  

Why haven’t I received an annual account statement?

If you haven’t received an annual account statement after approximately a year of being in your property, there may be some missing information on your account that means we have not been able to generate one for you. We will be looking into this and will aim to get in contact with you if we believe you can provide us with the relevant information to produce the statement. If you haven’t heard from us, please get in touch. 

Why is there negative consumption shown on my consumption graph?

If you see negative consumption on your consumption graph for any of your utilities, this is likely due to a bill reconciliation of your account after receiving an actual read, correcting the estimations used in their placeNegative consumption occurs when estimate reads are higher than your actual usage, resulting in a correction.  

To ensure that we can always bill you based on actual reads, please submit a manual meter read via our webform or through 'my insite’ within 3 days of the end of every month.  

Why doesn’t my consumption shown on my annual account statement match my prepay meter?

The consumption noted in your annual account statement might differ significantly to that you may see on your prepay meter if it has been out of communications with our remote systems for a significant amount of time. For the most accurate display of your consumption, please look at the consumption data available on your prepay meter.  

Why do my charges and payments not match up?

If you have made a payment to your account after receiving your bill, this may not have been included in your annual account statement, thus meaning your charges and payments may differ.

Why hasn’t a tariff that is listed on the annual account statement been applied to my meter?

At the time that the tariff change was applied, your prepay meter may have been out of comms. If a tariff change hasn’t been applied to your meter, please contact us, as there could be a potential fault with your prepay meter. 

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