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Understanding your bill

Your home is equipped with a heat meter, which monitors the energy you use for heating and hot water in your home. Your heat meter helps us provide you with an accurate bill based on your actual usage, so you don’t need to provide us with readings.

Your Meter

If you have been signed up for credit billing by your heat provider, you will have a heat meter in your home. It will be found either inside or alongside your Heat Interface Unit (HIU), which is normally found in the utility cupboard in your home.

Your Bills

Each month, your heat supplier provides us with remote readings from your heat meter. Your meter measures the exact amount of heating and hot water you use in your home.

We use those actual meter readings to calculate what you owe, according to the tariff set by your heat supplier, plus a daily standing charge.

You will receive a paper bill in the first week of each month, after you have been in your home for more than one whole month.

If you’d prefer to receive you bills via email, please get in touch to let us know using the contact form. You will then receive your bill in PDF format via email each month.

Your Bill Explained

Your bill contains information about what you have consumed, what the charges are and how you can make payments. The images below show where key information is displayed on your bill. Explanations of each of these terms is further down the page.

‘Previous balance’

This shows you the balance on your account - brought forward from the previous month.

‘Payments received with thanks’

This shows you the payments that we have received from you on the date that your new bill was issued. If you made a payment after the current bill was produced, it will not show as a payment received. It will however be included on your next bill.

‘Outstanding balance’

This shows you what is still unpaid from previous bills. As this amount still needs to be paid, it is added to the total owed – shown again as ‘Outstanding Balance’ at the bottom of the bill.

‘New Charges’

This section shows the charges for the month being billed. It is a summary of the charges shown on the back page of your bill.

‘Total Now Due’

This is the total amount that you must now pay. It includes any balance brought forward from last month, plus the total new charges for the month being billed.

‘Heating Charges’

The back page of the bill shows you how much energy you have used and how you will be charged. It shows you the period that is being billed (usually the first day to the last day of a month) and your meter identification number.

Your smart meter reading will normally be marked with an ‘A’, to show that it is an actual reading taken automatically from your heat meter - and is therefore an accurate record of what you have used.

The back page of the bill also shows you how many units of heat you have consumed and the charge (in pence) per kwh, as set by your heat supplier.

‘Price Per Day Charge’

This is the daily standing charge set by your heat supplier, which is a fixed charge for every day of your connection to the heating network.

‘Total charges for Heating & Hot Water’

This is the total owed by you for the period billed, including VAT. This amount is shown on the front page of your bill as ‘New Charges’.

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