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Understanding your credit bill

Your home is equipped with a heat meter, which monitors the energy you use for heating and hot water in your home. Your heat meter helps us provide you with an accurate bill based on your actual usage, so you don’t need to provide us with readings.

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Your bills

Each month, we collect your meter reads remotely via an automatic meter reading system (AMR). We use these actual meter readings to accurately calculate what you have consumed. You will then be billed for this consumption along with a daily standing charge.

We issue our bills on a monthly basis either electronically or via post. You will receive your first bill a month after you move-in. If we cannot read your meter, you may receive a bill based on estimate readings. You can submit manual meter reads if needed.

Your bill explained

Your bill contains information about what you have consumed, what the charges are and how you can make payments. The images below show where key information is displayed on your bill. Explanations of each of these terms is further down the page.

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  1. Customer Helpline - The contact number specifically for your scheme.
  2. Customer Account Number - Your account number. 
  3. Bill Date - Date the bill was issued
  4. Previous balance - This shows your balance brought forward from the previous month. 
  5. Payments received with thanks - This shows the payments that we received from you by the date your new bill was issued. If you made a payment after this bill was produced, it will not show as a payment received. It will however be shown on the next bill.
  6. Outstanding balance - This shows you what is still owed from previous bills that you have not yet paid. As this amount still needs to be paid, it is added to the total owed – shown as ‘Current Balance’ at the bottom of the bill.
  7. New charges - This section shows the charges for the month being billed. It is a summary of the charges shown on the back page of the bill.
  8. Current balance - This is the total amount to be paid. It includes any balance brought forward plus the total of your new charges for the month being billed.
  9. If you have chosen to set-up Direct Debit - The date on this section indicates when your Direct Debit will be collected if set-up.
  10. Questions about your bill? - Our contact details

  1. Bill Period - This is the period of time your bill covers. 
  2. If billed multiple utilities, each utility will have a separate section on your bill
  3. Your utility charges - This section shows you what you have consumed per utility and the resultant costs in line with your tariffs. It shows you the period that is being billed (usually for a calendar month) and your meter serial number. Your meter read will usually be annotated with an ‘A’ to illustrate that it is an actual remote reading taken from your meter and is therefore an accurate record of what you have consumed. If we have had to estimate your bill, this will be denoted by an ‘E’.
  4. Energy charge - This is the cost of the energy you have consumed based on the unit charge set by your energy provider. This unit charge includes any associated loss of energy between the supply point and your home.  Total energy charge = units used (kWh) x charge per unit (£)
  5. Standing charge - This is the daily standing charge passed on by your energy provider for the provision of energy to the central plant room that supplies energy to your home. It also includes any associated costs attributing to the provision of heat to your home and administration charges related to service. Total standing charge = days in the billing period x daily standing charge
  6. Total charges - This is the total owed by you for the billed period including VAT. This amount is shown on the front page as ‘New Charges’.
  7. Your barcode for Payzone or Post Office payments

Accreditations & Partners

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