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The Silk District, Whitechapel

Tel: 0300 124 5236
Tel: 0120 031 6010

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We have a number of ways for you to top up your account online, all managed through our secure payment portal - Flexipay.

About Your Development

Mount Anvil has chosen KURVE for your home, to be managed by Insite Energy. This means you will either receive credit bills via email on a monthly basis, or will manage your account through our KURVE web-app.

Insite Energy is a metering and billing agent for many heat networks around the UK. We work on behalf of heat providers such as Mount Anvil to provide metering and payment services to their residents. 

The heating and hot water for your home is supplied by a district heat network, which is owned and managed by your Heat Provider.

Insite Energy manages the metering and billing on behalf of your Heat Provider, so only the charges and payments for your heating and hot water are handled by us.

Your heating and hot water supplier is Mount Anvil.

To contact your Heating and Hot Water supplier, please call 0300 124 5236. Alternatively, you can email them by clicking here.

How are you charged for your heating and hot water?

Find out more about your charges for heating and hot water below.

Who supplies your heating and hot water?

Your home is connected to a district heating network, which is owned and managed by your Heat Provider. Find out more below:

About your meter

The heating and hot water that you use in your home is measured using a smart heat meter. This means you will only ever pay for the amount you use.

Below are the meter types used in your development.

KURVE Smart Prepayment Web-App

To give you full control of your energy account, KURVE has been selected as the prepayment method for your development.

This easy-to-use web-app gives you full access to your energy account and hourly consumption data, allowing you to monitor your energy usage on a real-time basis. KURVE communicates with the Kamstrup heat meter in your home, collecting your meter reads remotely and automatically, so you don’t need to take them manually.

KURVE also has a built-in PayPoint platform allowing you to make quick online card payments, which are applied to your account balance within one hour.

As KURVE has been designed as a web-app this means you can access your account on any internet-connected device whenever and wherever you are.

KURVE Credit Billing

If you have been signed up for KURVE credit billing by your heat provider, you will have a heat meter in your home. Your heat meter will be found either inside or alongside your Heat Interface Unit (HIU), which is normally found in the utility cupboard in your home.

You should receive an electronic PDF bill in the first week of each month, after you have been in your home for more than one whole month. If you’d prefer to receive your bill via post, please get in touch to let us know.

Download Brochure

Your welcome brochure has useful information about how we bill your home

KURVE - Credit Billed Brochure Download Now KURVE - Smart Prepayment Brochure Download Now

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