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Rowan & Hornbeam Estate

Tel: 0333 000 3000
Tel: 0203 908 8211

Make a payment: credit billing

Using our customer portal, 'my insite', you can make an online, one-off payment towards your bill, or set up a variable or payment plan Direct Debit.  

For details on how to pay using a different payment method, please refer to our ‘Ways to pay your bill’ page.  

Development information

Please download the below brochure for more information specific to your development.

Get in touch

Call 0203 908 8211

Lines are open:
Mon-Fri 9am-8.30pm
Sat 9am-5.30pm

Or contact us any time using our contact form - our aim is always to get back to you within 24 hours.

About Your Development

The heating and hot water for your home is supplied by a district heat network, which is owned and managed by your Heat Provider.

Insite Energy manages the metering and billing on behalf of your Heat Provider, so only the charges and payments for your heating and hot water are handled by us.

Your heating and hot water supplier is Genesis

To contact your Heating and Hot Water supplier, please call 0333 000 3000 or visit their website.

How are you charged for your heating and hot water?

Find out more about your charges for heating and hot water below.

Who supplies your heating and hot water?

Your home is connected to a district heating network, which is owned and managed by your Heat Provider. Find out more below:

About your meter

The heating and hot water that you use in your home is measured using a smart energy meter or a heat meter. This means you will only ever pay for the amount you use.

Below are the meter types used in your development.

Credit Billing

Your heat provider has chosen credit billing for your home, to be managed by Insite Energy. Insite Energy collects actual meter readings from your heat meter remotely every month. This is done via an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system. Your heat meter can be found either inside or near your HIU, which is located in your utility cupboard. 

We then send monthly bills to you, either via post or electronically, detailing your energy consumption and the daily standing charge, which is a fixed charge per day. If at any time we are unable to obtain actual meter readings, you will be sent a bill based on estimated readings, if instructed by your heat provider. If you would like your bill to be reissued, based on your actual consumption, you can provide a read via our Submit a meter read’ form

Your bills will be issued one month in arrears and received within the first week of each month. If we are looking after more than one utility, you will receive one bill detailing your charges for all of these utilities collectively.

To find out more information about understanding your credit bill, please click here.

Your Online Portal - ‘my insite’

 You will now be able to set up an online account, to view your account details at any time, from any internet-connected device. Our customer portal, offers a range of functions, including checking your current balance, making payments, viewing your annual statements and payment history, and setting up Direct Debit payments. To register, please click here

Insite Energy, Studio 4 Stuart House, St John’s Street, Peterborough, PE1 5DD

Insite Energy is registered by the FCA for anti-money laundering.