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Insite Energy shines with ‘Bronze’ win at UK Customer Experience Awards 2023!

9th November 2023

Written by: Eelinn Vanquaethem, Marketing & Content Manager

In an inspiring display of customer-centric innovation, Insite Energy is announced as ‘Bronze’ winner at the UK Customer Experience Awards (UK CXA) 2023.

Our development of the groundbreaking pay-as-you-go (PAYG) web-app, KURVE, has earned us an award for ‘Best Applied Technology’.

And that’s not all. VANTAGE, our client portal, made it onto the shortlist for ‘Best B2B Customer Experience’.

KURVE’s customer-centric approach results in ‘Bronze’ for Best Applied Technology

An efficient use of technologies to develop products and services was key to the ‘Best Applied Technology’ category. And KURVE did just that.

KURVE took the features found in traditional, physical PAYG in-home display and online payment portals, and combined them together to create a one-stop digital solution for heat network customers.

Figure 1: KURVE reduces CapEx by 59%, OpEx by 19% and RepEx by 97% compared to traditional PAYG systems.

What this has meant for our clients is reduced capital (CapEx), operational (OpEx), and replacement (RepEx) expenditure by 59%, 19% and 97% respectively compared to traditional PAYG systems.

These operational savings are also felt by customers, with estimated annual reduced fees of £19/customer.

Such significant cost savings did not go unnoticed by the UK CXA judges.

“[KURVE] is clearly an innovative and successful initiative, which not only brings substantial benefits to the business but, most importantly, enhances customer comfort and satisfaction,” 

“By streamlining installation processes and implementing two-way communication, it significantly improves the customer experience within the heat network sector. This user-centric approach not only drives business success but also ensures that customers enjoy the convenience and efficiency of the system.”

The judges’ comment on efficiency alludes to the point that by having access to the web-app on-the-go and clear consumption graphs, KURVE customers use 24% less energy on average compared to those on credit billing, translating to ~£121/year per customer.

Ditching ‘laborious processes’, VANTAGE earns finalist spot for Best B2B Customer Experience

VANTAGE was created to provide our clients with a vantage point of their heat network’s performance through real-time data. This has helped to improve network efficiencies and ultimately reduce costs.

Figure 2: VANTAGE gives clients access to real-time data on their heat networks helping them to improve efficiencies.

Our clients no longer have to wait for arduous monthly reports to be created. Through sight of real-time data in an easy to digest format the number of faulty meters reduced by 75%, and our client satisfaction score went up by 100% since VANTAGE launched at the end of 2021.

Such results underpinned our application for the CXA’s ‘Best B2B Customer Experience’ award.

“By introducing an innovative portal, both residents and organisations can have real time access to data to make informed decisions, which enables efficiency and accuracy to prevail, and move away from cumbersome and laborious processes.”

While we did not win the award on the night, we are proud to have made it as finalists and our efforts to continually provide a better service to our clients and their customers be recognised.

Continuous feedback = continuous development

“Key success relays in listening to your customers.”

This judge’s comment rings true throughout Insite.

Driven by a commitment to being the best, we are always encouraged to improve.

Feedback before, during and after the development of VANTAGE and KURVE, was crucial in their creation… and ultimately led to our success at this year’s UK Customer Experience Awards.

Insite Energy, Studio 4 Stuart House, St John’s Street, Peterborough, PE1 5DD

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