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Ways to top up your pay-as-you-go (PAYG) meter

We offer a number of ways for you to top up your PAYG meter: online through my insite through single or automatic top-ups, via SMS or IVR, or if you prefer to top up in person, please visit your nearest PayPoint store.

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Below you will find all of the information you need to pay for heating and hot water and to top up your Guru Hub, Secure Smart meter, or KURVE web-app in a way that works best for you. 

You can choose to top-up through:

  • Automatic top-ups via my insite
  • Online via my insite
  • Fast top-up via my insite
  • SMS
  • Over the phone via IVR
  • Over the counter by visiting any PayPoint location
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Automatic top-ups

You can set up automatic top-ups for your heating and hot water via your my insite account. You can choose between 'balance-based' or 'date-based' auto top-ups.

A 'balanced based auto top-up' will take an amount of your choosing when your balance falls below a certain amount. e.g. Top up £20.00 when my balance reaches £10.00.

A 'date based auto top-up' will take a fixed amount from your nominated bank account on a specific date. e.g. Top up £20.00 on 1st of each month.

You can change the monthly amounts whenever you like via your payment account settings on my insite.

If you have any problems setting up automatic payments, please contact the dedicated support number for your building

Topping up online

You can top up your PAYG meter online through my insite. Simply create an account by entering your 19-digit payment number. Afterwards, you'll be able select the amount you’d like to pay using our secure payment portal, which will take payment from either a debit or credit card.

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Fast top-up

If you are struggling to log into your my insite account or want to make a quick top-up to a Guru or Secure PAYG Hub, you can now click 'Fast top-up' on the my insite login page. You will just need your 19-digit payment number and payment card to hand.

Topping up by telephone

To make a top-up over the phone, please call your dedicated scheme phone number and press “1”.

You can find the dedicated customer support number for your building by searching for your address or postcode on the 'My development' page.

Please note that this automated payment line is available 24/7/365, so you no longer have to speak to an advisor to top-up your prepayment meter. 

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Topping up by SMS (text message)

To make payments via SMS text messages, please ensure you have a my insite account set-up, with your mobile number registered to your account and a payment card stored.

To make a payment over SMS, please text 01158 241186 in the following format: 

"PAY [19-digit payment number] [payment amount] [CVV]"

e.g. To top-up £15.26, text: PAY 9826172737900450089 15.26 123

Please note, the number to which you send the SMS is subject to standard mobile network text message rates.

Topping up at a PayPoint location

You can make a top-up payment using cash, debit or credit card at any location that displays the PayPoint logo. 

All PAYG top-up barcodes linked to your unique 19-digit payment number are now issued electronically. You will need this if you want to make payments over the counter at any PayPoint outlet across the UK. This means that you no longer need a physical card. 

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Emergency credit

If you run out of credit, you can use your Emergency Credit allowance to keep your energy on for a little while longer until you are able to top-up. The amount of Emergency Credit used will need to be paid back in full the next time you top-up.

Emergency Credit can only be activated when your meter is at zero credit (displaying £0.00) or below, and should only be used when needed.

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