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Monthly credit billing

Fair & accurate billing at a low cost

With Insite’s monthly billing services, also known as credit billing, you don’t have to be a heat network pro to reduce costs and have satisfied customers. Allowing customers to use energy first and pay later, the need for in-home displays (IHDs) and prepay shut-off valves is removed, reducing both costs and installation times.

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Basic hardware allowing for Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

Basic hardware allows for easy installation and reduced costs

While individual meters are still required under the Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations 2014, there is no need for an IHD, prepay shut-off valve or other equipment typically needed for traditional PAYG systems. This, in turn, lowers installation and set-up costs. Less equipment also means that there will be a lower asset replacement cost when the time comes.

Easily transferable through open protocol

The data used for credit billing is collected into a central data logger. Anyone, including another metering company or heat supplier, can usually access a system like this, making it open protocol. As a result, there is also no need for ongoing long-term licenses, known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), reducing operational costs and making it easier to switch billing provider.

Fully supported by our online client and customer portals

All of our clients get access to our online client portal, VANTAGE. The dashboard displays real-time data on meter health, payments and much more, helping to eliminate hidden inefficiencies and customer debt. To help with energy account management, all residents on credit billing will also have a unique log-in for our new online customer portal, my insite.

Multiple payment methods available

Traditionally, credit billing only allows for a limited range of standard payment methods. But residents served by Insite, have access to our online customer portal, my insite, where they can make a one-off online payment, or set up a Direct Debit. Customers can also set up a standing order, make a 'faster payment', pay over the phone, or with cash or card at the Post Office or PayZone.

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How credit billing works

Credit billing utilises an AMR system to collect and transmit meter readings used in the billing process. This allows for fair and accurate billing for each connected property.

  • Heat meters need to be installed within each property with a wired M-Bus output;
  • A site-wide wired M-Bus network, preferably using a ‘star topology’, connects all the heat meters back to a single location, such as the plant room. Where an M-Bus network is unavailable, radio-based alternatives can be used;
  • A site data logger is installed at the point the M-Bus network converges to record individual meter readings, and;
  • A high-quality router and connectivity to a fixed IP broadband connection is required to collect and transmit the heat meter reading data off site for billing.

For our full installation guide, please get in touch with our sales team.

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